Meet Rae

The woman behind the lens

Hey there, my name is Rachael Pickard, but I go by Rae. I am obsessed with photography and always have been. Its blown my mind how we can freeze these precious moments in time through a photograph. Whenever you want to take yourself back to that memory you can look at that picture and suddenly you're there again. I see life as pictures, and I wanted to make this my career. I was always envious of people who truly followed their dreams and decided I could do just that If I put in the time and dedication.

I'm also a mother of three incredible little humans.

Noah is my oldest, Tripp is my middle guy and Carson is my baby girl. My husband is the fuel behind a lot of this dream becoming a reality. He believes in me more than anyone and has pushed me to finally commit to making this my full time career. I know how important pictures and memories are to me of my family and friends and I would love to do that for you.

If you've made it to my page that means you've already had me capture your beautiful family or you're taking interest in my work and for that, thank you. And for that I thank you for supporting me and I hope to see you again!

Hey there, I'm Rae!

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